If you somehow found yourself arriving here, welcome welcome welcome~!

Welcome to Starpura Space, a personal fan space dedicated to my favorite VTuber group, HOLOSTARS. I made this from the ground up as a tribute to the boys and a tribute to my 6 months of being a Starpura. More about the site name later.

I plan for this site as a work in progress, as I will be continuing on building the site and adding more content as time continues. There are a lot of plans that I plan to add here, but as of the opening of this site, it will strictly be a blog with different categories.

That’s all for now, so stay tuned!

What the heck is a "Starpura"?

If you’re new to HOLOSTARS, you’re in the right place. There are a few unit divisions within the group: HOLOSTARS JP (the original) and HOLOSTARS EN (the English-speaking unit). To delve a little deeper, there are two groups within JP: Gen 1-3 (9 members) and UPROAR!! (4 members). The EN side has one guild, TEMPUS (8 members). In every VTuber agency, there will be more new members on both divisions. As of the creation of this site, there are 21 members altogether. Who knows, maybe later this year or next year, we may have more.

Starpura is just my mash-up name of two fandom names: Starlight (HOLOSTARS JP fandom) and Tempura (HOLOSTARS EN fandom – specifically TEMPUS for now). I started off as a Tempura (TEMPUS-only fan) as I discovered them first. But knowing how supportive HOLOSTARS is altogether, I got to know more of the TEMPUS boys’ senpai, which eventually made me become a Starlight. I’ve met so many awesome people from both fandoms. I did learn from the Starlights side that the fandom name Starlight basically is a HOLOSTARS fan which includes the EN unit, but there are a few who disagree with the statement (kinda sad to be honest). And then the Tempura fandom is basically just EN/TEMPUS fans who don’t really follow the JP division (honestly, I’ve never met any Tempuras who don’t know or don’t care about their oshis’ senpais… so far anyway).

And so, that’s how I came up with Starpura, for the sake of this web space.

What Starpura Space will be covering

This space will be covering specifically HOLOSTARS (the entire group) with some occasional Hololive (the sister group) and just the VTubing scene in general. However, within HOLOSTARS, I’ll be focusing more on my oshis, as it’s very difficult to follow all of them. Plus, I need to work on my Japanese listening skills and increase my vocabulary somehow. The struggles of an overseas fan with some Japanese proficiency…

The only things that I won’t be sharing here are membership contents and unarchived streams. There are reasons why they are membership contents and/or unarchived streams. The talents don’t want them in public unless you pay for them 1 or that they simply don’t want what we’ve seen live to be out in public.

The Builder/Blogger/Fangirl

I’m Adrianne, a Starpura for six months now (as of the launching of this site).

I discovered HOLOSTARS at a local anime con when they had the large hololive booth starring the hololiveEN girls. They were having a meet & greet with the fans there, but you needed to have a reservation for that event. A few friends and I passed by the booth and spotted a glimpse of the TEMPUS boys on the screens at the booth. I didn’t know the concept of vtubers then, but when I saw the boys appear on those screens, I knew I had to find and get to know them more. I made a note that if I search for hololive on the net when I get home, I anticipated that I was going to get some clues on where to find them. I eventually did, of course.

I started watching clips of the boys first before I decided to check out their channels and their streams. Eventually, I got attracted to them that I finally decided to join in one of their streams. I subscribed to all of them, and in about two weeks since I started checking them out, I finally revealed to myself to everyone in chat, sent my first SC (Super Chat), and the rest is history.

Want to know more about HOLOSTARS? Check out their website and the bios of every single HOLOSTARS member here!

Miscellaneous Stuff

For this site, English would be the main language. However, I know two other languages besides English: Tagalog/Filipino (4th grade level or something…) and Japanese (maybe between JLPT level N4-N3). I also have some proficiency in Spanish too, but it’s been so long and had been really rusty.

Other than watching and following HOLOSTARS, I like writing, coding, art, gaming, reading, music (especially J-Pop and old skool stuff), occasionally watching anime and Asian dramas, food, and traveling. I also have an art diary where I practice some (digital) art when I have the time and just write about them and some real-life moment related to the art. If you’re interested, you can check it out here: The ADRICULOUS Life.

The Oshis

If you’re new to the Japanese pop culture scene and don’t know what oshi means, I’ll give a brief explanation.

Oshi is the short form of the term oshimen (推しメン), meaning the talent/member I support. There are different ways of supporting your favorite talents and also different perspectives of what oshi really means.

In my case, I discover who my oshis are based on how much I relate to them personally that I also find myself showing so much respect for them. These are the talents who also keep me going with just life in general. Plus, they’re all naturally entertaining and funny. They all have different personalities and different tastes, but as a Libra, I want everything to be balanced in terms of vibes and tastes.

I’ll just link you their profiles, so I won’t have to explain who they are. To be honest, I love all of them, but the following below are the ones I have memberships for that I voluntarily joined. Why? Because I want to support them as much as I can with everything that they do.

I listed them in this particular order in order of how I discovered them and eventually became my oshi:





And meanwhile, I’m also a member of the following memberships too:

One day, in a series of blog posts, I’ll write more about them and why I’ve chosen them to be my oshis. Please stay tuned!

  1. Referring to membership content. Please purchase membership to your favorite talents if you want to support them further.[]
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