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As a new Starsmin, the only “talent” I could share is blogging and webdev. I can’t art (yet), I can’t fanfic (yet), but most of all, I can’t translate 1 and I can’t clip. Most of the screenshots I used for my posts come from the official videos, streams, and from the clippers.

I have to say, the clippers are a lifesaver for a very busy Starsmin like myself. I barely have time to watch the VODs/archives, but I’m very grateful that there are some kind people who capture eyecatching clips and share it to all of us who have little to no timce watching the streams.

So, it’s only right for me to compile these awesome clippers into one page, so that those new to Holostars would be able to catch some of the moments through hundreds of clips out there. You can use this page as a starting point to discover— and appreciate— our boys~!

Please share your favorite clippers!

Or if you are a clipper and would like to share and be added in this directory? Please share your clipper channels by visiting my Marshmallow QA below!


These clipper channels cover all Holostars members, from collabs to sometimes individual members. Some of these also cover talents and livers outside Holostars or HoloPro.

G1-3 & UPROAR!

These channels cover G1-3 and UPROAR!! only. Some of them have English subtitles, some of them Japanese-only. There are some tidbits of Tempus in them also, especially during collabs.


These clipper channels cover mostly, or specifically, TEMPUS. There are some tidbits of StarsJP in them also, especially during collabs.

Kanade Izuru

Kishido Temma

Banzoin Hakka

  1. but I’m sorta proficient in Japanese…[]
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