Disclaimers & Other Terms

Usage of media

Abiding by the COVER’s Derivative Works Policy, official media used here is copyrighted to COVER and HoloPro. Fan art and other types of fan work are credited to the original creators with names to be mentioned on the posts/pages under captions. Any other types of media not credited/mentioned that are used on this site are copyrighted to me.

If there are any talents who do use any of my media are free to use them (if they do find this site somehow). Anyone else must request permission and credit.

Written Content

The majority of the posts are solely my own words, with sources credited to the original owners with permission (if required). If there is anyone wishing to use any of my content to be used on another site must request permission and a link to this site is also required.

Subjects and topics being written about are all derived from open public sources, such as the talents’ streams, clips by fans, social media, and anything similar. The only sources that I won’t be using will be ones coming from unarchived streams and memberships.

My blog will be covering a variety of topics, but I also have limits. I will not be writing anything in regards to the following or based upon:

  • Anything political, controversial, or sensitive
  • Rumors and gossips coming from anywhere else besides the official sources
  • Anything related to VTubers’ past lives or aliases

There are other places where you can find them, but not here on this site.

(This section will be updated when needed.)

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