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Wow, what a week! We’ve seen collabs between the JP and EN units of HOLOSTARS in the past before, from the Minecraft collabs to the English Telephone Game collabs, but with this month of May 2023, we were gifted with, so far, the biggest HOLOSTARS JP + EN collab ever to occur in this timeline: the HOLOSTARS RUST SERVER, hosted by our resident gallant (?) knight, Kishido Temma. 1

Rather than summarizing everything, I’ll share you links regarding the event in general and all the goodies of clips you can watch:

First thoughts

My first thoughts regarding the announcement of this week-long RUST event was ecstatic. I was really excited that we’re getting fed with another RUST antics featuring all of our favorite (Japanese) vTubers left and right. VCR Rust Server began right after the VSaikyou Apex Tournament that featured our favorite TSB (Team Snake Bite) and all our favorites within HOLOSTARS and outside. At that time, TSB split on their own ways: Tatsuki Selen competed in another Apex tournament with their coach Nocturnal, Regis "Mr. 3-pt Monster" Altare went on a week-long overseas trip to London, leaving TSB’s leader Axel Syrios behind. However, he got an invitation from the organizer Shibuya Hal to join in the new week-long VCR Rust server. Representing TEMPUS, Axel was able to meet new people among the Japanese vTuber/streamer scene, making connections, and making the TEMPUS name more well-known in Japan, not just the overseas. The result came with so many antics and highlights that it was heartbreaking that it had to end.

About a few weeks later, genius knight Temma announced he will be hosting the HOLOSTARS RUST Server sometime in the middle of May. Some speculated that he organized this as a result of Arurandeisu missing out on VCR Rust, or didn’t receive an invitation to join in. Temma didn’t just create the Rust server exclusively for HOLOSTARS, but it was also expanded to include all 21 members of HOLOSTARS to join in. I knew seeing all 21 of them would be impossible because of the obvious, but here are my guesses on who wouldn’t be able to make it:

  • Aragami Oga: Our friendly neighborhood demon gets severe motion sickness whenever he plays a first-person type of video game. This was evident during the boys’ first Minecraft collab with Tempus HQ last year.
  • Kanade Izuru: He is the only StarsJP member who hasn’t made any contacts with any of the Tempus boys on stream besides Axel. 2 He hasn’t really participated in any major Holostars collab that involved the Tempus boys either. Not even in both the Minecraft "welcome Tempus" collabs. As much as I love him as my OGs oshi, I really didn’t expect him to participate in this one.
  • Noir Vesper: He hasn’t done much collabs with his fellow Tempus boys as of late. I haven’t seen him joined any collabs with StarsJP since the Kureiji Arcade either. I had a hunch that he wouldn’t be joining this one, probably because of the PvP aspect of the game. I remembered one time that he mentioned that he didn’t want to play Among Us for that particular reason. I get him.

When the days before the start of the event came, I learned that among the ones I listed above, I had one wrong. Resident kusogaki alien Astel Leda won’t be joining, but Kanade Izuru will be joining the event. I’m a bit sad that Astel wouldn’t be joining, but you know, not everyone’s schedules are completely in sync. But one thing’s for sure, I was super-happy that Izuru would be joining.

First reason – I get to see more of him. I rarely watch his streams for obvious reasons (time zones/schedules), but I was really looking forward to seeing him throughout the week for sure.

Second reason – my Tempus (kami?)oshi, Regis Altare, now has a chance to get to know him for the first time on stream. Altventurers/Cultares are very aware how much Altare wanted to meet Izuru for the longest time that we all suspected that Izuru was his Holostars (kami)oshi, but we never really speak or make a big deal of it because it’s a bit hush-hush. Not only with Altare, it will also be the first time Izuru would be meeting most of the Tempus boys, namely the VG boys.

Lastly, it’s good to see UPROAR’s Utsugi Uyu participating in the event too. We’ve seen him getting along with Gavis Bettel in the Kureiji Arcade because they’re both in Team E(ek). Now we get to see him meeting the rest of the Tempus boys too!

What I learned from this event

Around early January of this year (or was it late December?), I remembered stumbling upon Minase Rio’s zatsu, and he was talking about the HolostarsJP Among Us major collab event that he hosted. Because of its success, plus the fact that all 13 of them were present in that event, he wanted to host it again this year. Only this time, he wants to expand the event and invite the Tempus boys in the event.

Sometime in February or March, Temma also wanted to host a Mario Kart tournament inviting all the branches of HoloPro. He even thought he can make it into a Holostars vs. Hololive event too, now that thare are 21 Holostar members as of January 2023. We haven’t heard anything about this one yet, but hosting major events do take a lot of time to plan and organize.

Finally, we have the Holostars RUST server. Man, what a golden week of golden moments and the expected chaos that would happen between the boys near the end! In short, the entire Holostars RUST Server week became a huge success. Lastly, congrats to Izuru for winning the entire event with that special Temma Trophy!

But honestly, the real winners are the entire group, but major kudos to those who participated, even if it’s one time.

Sometimes, it takes a week-long event such as this to bring a growing group such as Holostars to get away from their everyday hectic schedules and have a retreat with the boys to have fun playing a game (even if that involves killing each other near the end), spend more time with their fellow boys and meet the other boys from the other units, just good, clean (?) fun just being dudes and the homies, you know? I also feel that not only did the boys learn new things from each other, but also, learned some things that would benefit themselves from their fellow homie. For us viewers watching them from different points of view, we all discovered some things about ourselves from them too.

We also learned that Machina X Flayon, the "baby" of TEMPUS, has officially become the "baby" of the entire Holostars group. With the way all the JP boys doting on him so much 3, it’s also clear that anything (and anyone) cute is a common weakness for all of them. When Flay gets shot at, the shooter apologizes to him right after. Yup.

The Holostars RUST server is kind of like a summer camp. You get together in one camp (in this case, the island), form your own bases, do things together such as hunting or raiding oil rigs and missile silos, and of course, raiding and killing each other too. During that time, we forget our personal realities for awhile and live in this brand-new reality where it’s just you and your fellow homies in one place that no one else can get to. Even though the event itself only has one winner, each and every one of them who joined in the event have won something a lot more valuable than the Temma Trophy.

Lastly, this Holostars Rust Server is only the first season, according to Temma. When will Season 2 start? In the Fall? Next year even? We shall see!

One thing’s for sure, we have learned that based on the golden moments we’ve witnessed in all the POVs of the boys, both sides (JP & EN) really do need to communicate more, talk to each other more, collab more. Maybe they should take turns on hosting week-long collab events such as this in the future. Maybe someone from EN? We shall see!

Some other news…

June will be a very busy month, with back-to-back birthdays and anniversaries including the fourth anniversary of the foundation of Holostars. We also get TEMPUS’s first voice drama now on sale at the HoloPro Shop. Check the sidebar for all of the info and goodies.

July will also be a busy month for TEMPUS, for they will be celebrating their first anniversary for both the foundation of TEMPUS and the debut anniversaries of all the members of TEMPUS HQ. What does this all mean? More awesome fresh merch, of course!

There is also the possibility of seeing TEMPUS having panels or meet-greets on various anime cons coming up too. It’s going to be one hot summer season for sure!


We now have a Tweet Wall where we can see (old?) tweets of all our boys. I also plan on creating YouTube playlist galleries for the boys’ music (both originals and covers) to replace the MV footer where I used to post the latest MV before.

Lastly, I changed the HOLOSTARS category from G1-3 to The OGs, since I remembered Altare referring to the first nine members as "The OGs." I’ll just go with that instead.

That’s it for now. Till next time!

  1. Please visit Temma’s YouTube channel linked at the sidebar under the Subscribe to the Boys!! box![]
  2. Thanks to Astel and their Apex collab last year[]
  3. except Temma during PvP, but that’s PvP…[]

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