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This is an Aside post. This is kind of like a quick Facebook-like post that appears on the blog. Something like that.

I haven’t been blogging for awhile now because the times in real life sucks. I had to do a lot of cleaning and other chores during the last two weeks of April, as my mom was coming home from her 3-week long trip. You know how Asian parents can be sometimes when you just slack off at home while they’re away, right?

Originally, I was going to post a summary of my newest fanfic – a romcom one starring the boys 1, some Hololive girls, and even some other vTubers I got to know through VSaikyo and Axel’s shenanigans at the VCR RUST. That entire arc was a whole goldmine for sure! Anyway, coming soon!

I haven’t been blogging because I had some keyboard problem with my Macbook Pro. I thought it was my bluetooth keyboard, turns out it’s the Mac itself. I thought there was something wrong with my laptop’s internal fans or something serious, ran a diagnostic, turns out nothing was wrong with it. Then I learned that my laptop cooling fan/stand was no longer working. I had to replace it with a new one and left my laptop off for about four days. Today, everything’s fixed.

This is it for now. Till next time!

  1. that is, HOLOSTARS – all of them, not just Tempus…[]

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