Quick News, yo~

I don’t remember if I already mentioned this in the past posts/statuses here, but my data analytics bootcamp1 has begun starting today. I’m halting all my fandom-related activities for the time being including Starpura Space to focus more on my studies, having a big transition to a new job that I can actually enjoy2. The bootcamp will be some 17 weeks long, so I won’t be back on full/active Holostamin status until November of this year.

I’ll still be updating the sidebar, where I would normally add the events, birthdays, anniversaries, new merch, etc. as always, since they’re pretty quick to update. However, writing any blog posts and all that, etc. will be halted during this period.

I can still be reached out to Twitter3 and I’m also active on Discord (@adrimarsink). Speaking of Discord, as of recently, I am now part of the Copy Editors & Sensitivity Readers group in the TEMPUS Project Server/Elysium Delivery Services. This is one major way that I can still stick to the fandom without losing interest because of bootcamp studying.

So, that’s it for the time being. Will keep in touch one way or the other!

  1. work-related stuff… []
  2. while making more money obviously… []
  3. or was it “X” already?! []

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