The Starry Summer Begins

Holostars 4th Anniversary

I know, it’s been awhile since the last time I blogged. All I gotta say is that there’s a lot going on with the boys at this moment. June being the 4th Anniversary of Holostars (JP). July being the 1st Anniversary of Holostars (EN). And a lot of awesome stuff coming up!


Think about the group name, HOLOSTARS, to be more specific, the stars part.

I’m not very well-versed with astronomy, so I went around and found some links and tie this year’s anniversary theme to the group. A nova is a type of exploding stars that can expand its luminosity through thousands of times its normal level. 1 A supernova is a much larger nova in which the luminosity expands through millions of times its normal level. 2 After a supernova, the remains of that star exploded can either become a neutron star or a black hole. 3

So, that would mean that a hypernova is a more extreme, more energetic than a supernova. 4 Sometimes, a hypernova is called a superluminous supernova.That’s already a given.

The way I see it, the level of novas being used as some of the themes of any Holostar-related event also meant the increase of luminosity of every single member. As the group increases, the larger the nova of the stars will become. The larger the nova, the brighter and shinier the explosion of stars become. You may probably have a better interpretation, but I feel that with the increase of now 21 Holostar members, the entire group of Holostars shines the brightest than it’s ever been. Thus… hypernova. Well, let’s wait till next year and the years right after.

If you missed it, you can still watch the VOD. It doesn’t have English subtitles, but this is why you’re reading this blog post, right?

Super Quick Summary

The StarsJP boys 5 have been split into two groups. Some of the members even remained in both groups. But, the boys played some games, shared some of their favorite memories looking back, and we even get some special VTRs and participations from a few of the TEMPUS boys too. 6

Near the end, we get some awesome goodies to look forward to. Some of them are only available in Japan, but for the ones that the kaigainiki (global/international fans) can have access too, here they are:

  • Animate Girls Festival 2023: The StarsJP boys will be appearing on the annual Animate Girls Festival 2023 this coming November. To commemorate their participation, the Animate store will be taking pre-orders for the boys’ official Animate goods. Kaigainiki global fans are able to pre-order them at the international Animate Shop and they will be shipped overseas directly to your specified address. Eventually (I think), they will also be sold at the official HoloPro shop, but now is the time to pre-order them rather than waiting.

  • HOLOSTARS All-21 Cover Song: This coming August, a new cover song will be released starring all 21 members of Holostars. As you know, June is Holostars (JP) Anniversary month. July is Holostars (EN) Anniversary month. August is the best month to sum up all their milestones and commemorate them with this one cover song. Definitely looking forward to it! And who kjnows? Maybe in the future, there will be an original group song with all 21 members too! One day…


Magni Dezmond 1.5

In a way, June can also be considered preparation month for the Tempus boys. Their first anniversary is coming up in July after all. A few things that happened so far have something to do with the models themselves.

Let’s take the great alchemist Magni Dezmond, for example. Looking above the screenshot, did you notice anything different about him? If you haven’t watched him long enough, it may be difficult to notice. But for those who have been watching him since his debut, you can see it right away.

I didn’t become a Tempura until about a week or two after Tempus made their debut. But from what I read, their first impressions pre-debut weren’t exactly the best coming from the vTuber fanbase. Some of those people even bashed and made fun of the HQ boys’ "mediocre" character designs. The ones who took a huge hit from all of the criticism was Dez’s own character design. Honestly for me, there was nothing wrong with his design. I think it’s quite unique. But sadly, there ar a lot of shallow people everywhere, even including in your own fandom and community.

And then months later, we meet 1.5. Dez even has a lore behind the 1.5 update. It reminded me of Aruran’s complete model change from the (almost?) middle-aged Papa to a much younger late-20s Arubro/Arunii.

If you haven’t seen Dez’s lore behind the 1.5 update, please do watch:

Second here would be our resident vam— grandpa Noir "Nowa-oji" Vesper. From what I read, he now has a new mama 7

Let’s all look forward to the new Noir Vesper 2.0* model coming soon this Friday!

Tons and tons and tons of MERCH!!

As you know, we’ve got MERCH available for pre-orders and all that! This is a good time to save some of that cash if you wanna cop ’em! We’ve got…

  • hololiveMeet Official Merch – hololiveMeet has teamed up with Tokyo Otaku Mode for all the official merch for this year starring this year’s hololiveMeet ambassadors! Yes, it says Out of Stock, but pre-orders actually open on July 1st @ 10:00 am PDT. I have shopped at TOM before, and they do deliver directly to your address. Be sure to check their shipping policy, as TOM is located in Japan.

  • [TEMPUS x OHMONAH] – If you plan on attending this year’s Anime Expo in L.A., OHMONAH will have their shop booth at their artist area, where they will be selling official Tempus merch from clothing to accessories. Sometime in the middle of July, the merch will be available on their online shop. Again, check their shipping policy, as there may be some delays and restrictions. OHMONAH is a U.S.-based kawaii merch shop where you can purchase original designs and collaboration merch.


I originally planned to have a longer entry, but because it’s almost 1:00 am (PDT). I just went through a slow transition to my new job/location, which was why I was long absent. In the near future in July also, I will also be starting my bootcamp. I’m happy with my current job, but I have the desire to aim higher, so to speak. This is why I’ve been heavily searching around for good bootcamps to help me career-wise. Anyway.

There are some news going on outside Holostars/HoloPro, but I’ll write about that in another post at another time.

Till next time, minna!

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  7. in vTuber terms, the "mama" is the character designer/artist. Unfortunately, I also heard that Vesper’s original mama had been long ill and it doesn’t seem that they’ll recover anytime soon and decided to pass on the "mama" title to a new artist… maybe?[]

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