Tweet Wall

The Tweet Wall is a populated series of tweets coming from the boys and, once in awhile, the official HOLOSTARS and HoloPro website. Unfortunately, because of the changes with the Twitter API, this wall will only refresh once a day and the sources used may be limited. In short, this is not a live feed and not all the tweets will be shown on the wall, sadly.

However, I created this section in case there are any changes with the Twitter API and that I’d be able to fix it.

The wall is divided into these sections: The OGs (Gen 1-3), UPROAR!, TEMPUS, and HOLOSTARS / HoloPro. Find your oshis by scrolling down the respective sections. If there are any changes, in particular, with the Twitter API, this section will be updated.

The OGs
The original nine members of HOLOSTARS. That’s why we call them The OGs!
The newest (so far) unit of HOLOSTARS JP! Just a group of cool, handsome, and charming dudes to carry on the legacy that The OGs have started!
HOLOSTARS EN’s first unit — the Adventurous Guild TEMPUS from the world of Elysium!
The peeps supporting HOLOSTARS from behind the scenes. *Best Girl* also included!
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